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Evolution Of Financial Advice Conference

by Ryan Goulart

You can’t deny it – the financial advice industry is continuing to change. As the future begins to unfold, the opportunity for you is to learn how to create the future that you want versus responding to someone else’s creation.

Join think2perform for this future-focused, two-day conference. Meet the speakers. Expand your perspective. Engage with peers. You’ll gain valuable insights and ideas you can put into action immediately.

By attending, you will:

  • Meet and hear from industry visionaries and thought-leaders.
  • Understand how and why to charge for advice.
  • Gain deep insights on consumer behaviors and desires.
  • Share insights and best practices with industry peers.
  • Walk away with an action plan for the future.

Early bird price: $1,200 (expires July 31st)

Full price: $1,495 (beginning August 1st)

Register now.

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