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Don’t Wait for Someone Else to Fix It: 8 Essentials to Enhance Your Leadership Impact at Work, Home and Anywhere Else That Needs You


When you read Don’t Wait for Someone Else to Fix It, you’ll learn how to:

  • Aim to be your ideal self. “We can only be successful leaders when we embrace principles and values, define our purpose and goals, and act accordingly,” Lennick and Wachendorfer write.
  • Know your real self. “We need to cultivate self-awareness to benchmark our real selves against the people and leaders we ideally want to be,” the authors explain. They point out the common errors people make when assessing who they are — and how to develop a more accurate picture.
  • Decide wisely. Everyone makes approximately 35,000 decisions each day. Your influence as a leader depends greatly on others’ responses to your decisions, explain Lennick and Wachendorfer. They discuss obstacles to wise decisions and lay out the four Rs of decision-making: recognize, reflect, reframe and respond.
  • Empower others. “Empowerment is a powerful leadership tool because it taps into the internal motivators of the people you want to influence,” write the authors. Effective empowerment demands that leaders clarify expectations and provide resources to their followers.

Maximize Your Influence In Business and Life with Don’t Wait for Someone Else to Fix It

The world needs positive leadership now more than ever. Luckily, there’s a large untapped source of leaders who can change the world for the better: All of us! Because we all influence the people around us, we’re all leaders — whether we have fancy job titles and corner offices or not.

Don’t Wait for Someone Else to Fix It, by Doug Lennick and Chuck Wachendorfer, will help everyone tap into the power of their influence to pursue a meaningful purpose, whether on the job, in the community or at home. All it takes is leadership intelligence — a combination of eight moral, social and technical imperatives that are essential to our ability to positively influence others.

These traits are illustrated by stories of leaders from all walks of life — an Olympic snowboarding coach; the executive director of an innovative, low-income, senior housing community; business leaders and entrepreneurs; thought leaders and many more. For readers looking to implement these ideas, Lennick and Wachendorfer share a wealth of practical exercises and tools for developing each of the eight leadership intelligence essentials.

Praise for Don’t Wait for Someone Else to Fix It

At a time when every corner of our planet needs more positive leadership to solve and transform itself, Lennick and Wachendorfer give us the tool kit each of us can use to make a difference. This book enables us to live the lives we were meant to lead and influence others to do the same. 'Don't Wait' to pick up this great book!

Gino Wickman, Author of Traction and The EOS Life

Lennick and Wachendorfer have boiled down the ‘eight essentials’ anyone can apply to make a meaningful difference in their life or in the lives of others.

Stephen M.R. Covey, bestselling author of “The Speed of Trust” and “Trust & Inspire”

About the Authors

Doug Lennick is CEO and co-founder of think2perform. He is legendary for his innovative approaches to developing high performance in individuals and organizations and is an expert at developing practical applications of the art and science of human behavior, financial and otherwise. Doug is an author or co-author of seven titles including Moral Intelligence 2.0: Enhancing Business Performance and Leadership Success in Turbulent Times.

Before founding think2perform, Doug, a certified financial planner (CFP), was executive vice president ― advice and retail distribution for American Express Financial Advisors (now Ameriprise Financial). In that capacity, he led an organization of 17,000 field and corporate associates to unprecedented success.

Chuck Wachendorfer is president, distribution, and executive coach at think2perform. At think2perform, Chuck is tasked with diversifying distribution channels for the company’s products and services. As an executive coach, Chuck works with executives and business owners who want to achieve top performance without sacrificing balance. He coaches on mission and vision development, leadership engagement, accelerated growth and improved profitability. As a result, he has developed leaders, high achievers and cohesive teams to increase engagement and make a positive difference while building and improving market share, increasing client and employee retention, and improving the corporate bottom line.

Chuck’s passion to make the world a better place through developing people has been recognized by major media, including Investor’s Business Daily, Forbes, Fortune, CNN Money, Dallas Morning News, Milwaukee Morning News and Detroit Free Press, where he has been extensively quoted.

Begin the journey to your ideal self, today.

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