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Think2perform offers a suite of programs, products and services designed to enhance the decision-making skills and performance of individuals and organizations.

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Leadership Development

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Breakthrough Leadership Program

Leaders who possess a strong moral compass and emotional competency perform better under pressure, effectively inspire and engage employees, and consistently and strategically make better decisions.

Whether you're leading a team, department or organization, think2perform's Breakthrough Leadership program is designed to increase your ability to achieve and sustain breakthrough results by augmenting your cognitive intelligence with moral and emotional intelligences.

You'll discover how and why self-awareness and self-management significantly increase leadership effectiveness. You'll also learn to align your thoughts and actions with your emotions and moral compass, skills that are invaluable for leading with vision, resolving conflict and developing others.

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Professional Coaching

Ready to experience new levels of professional success and personal satisfaction? think2perform's Professional Coaching helps you realize your full potential. We combine the latest research in neuroscience, emotional intelligence and leadership, to offer highly effective methods for developing mental strength and emotional competency.

By using an integrated approach founded on self-awareness, you'll learn to identify and overcome the obstacles hindering your effectiveness. Our guidance, tools and accountability provide the support you need to make transformative and lasting changes.

Our professional coaches are all former senior executives who've been where you are or where you want to be. Throughout your engagement, you'll receive customized support designed to help you achieve measurable and sustainable results.

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Business Consulting

Whether you're positioning a new venture for scalable growth, integrating a new business line or re-charting an industry leader for the changing landscape, our business consulting services help you articulate your vision and establish the frameworks necessary to reach your goal.

From strategy through implementation, we provide perspectives and best practices to drive your initiative forward. We'll work with your organization's leadership, both one-on-one and in a group, ensuring they possess the emotional competency and leadership capacity to execute your initiative and effectively manage the organization for future growth.

Growth Acceleration

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Behavioral Financial Advice Program

Elevate your role with clients beyond pitching products to influencing their spending and saving behavior  – the most important factor in portfolio growth. Behavioral Financial Advice program integrates traditional finance practices with psychology and neuroscience to improve emotional competency and decision-making behavior that increases effective usage of the financial plan for you and your clients.

This self-directed course, which takes 20-30 hours to complete, includes a mix of interactive exercises, videos and case studies. By completing the Behavioral Financial Advice Program, CFPs are awarded 20.5 CFP CE credits. To keep your skillset evergreen, the BFA designation requires 20 BFA CE credits every two years and a $99 renewal fee. These BFA CE credits can be accrued by participating in other designation CE as well as think2perform sponsored content.

97% of advisors report think2perform's BFA program increased their production

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Transformational Growth Series

Elevate the growth and success of your financial advice organization by Transforming Your Role From Financial Advisor to CEO.

As a great financial advisor you attract more clients and assets and with that growth and success comes a larger staff, more advisors, higher overhead and bigger challenges. While your role as a financial advisor is important, your success moving forward will depend on your skills as a leader, team builder and people developer. This workshop will enable attendees to: Recognize the 8 biggest mistakes that create bottlenecks for growing your business. Understand the 9 key activities of a CEO and why they are important to accelerating growth. Learn the 6 building blocks of an organization for sustained, optimal performance.

Cultural Transformation

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Team-Based Development

Often an assumption is made by leaders that being part of a team will prompt team members to look beyond their own self needs and engage team-based behavior.

Extensive research suggests that this is not true. think2perform professionals will build on this and demonstrate how to cultivate belonging by first identifying the team's purpose, values, goals, roles and processes to function more efficiently and gain a competitive advantage by looking at the six core elements of team effectiveness. 



think2perform offers a variety of research-based assessment tools to determine your current state of awareness and clarify your strengths and weaknesses. This insight provides you with a starting point for the self-development and professional improvement that leads to sustained optimal performance.

  • Values Cards
  • Emotional Competency Assessment EQ-i 2.0®
  • Moral Competency Inventory
  • Perceived Stress Assessment
  • Behavioral Financial Advice Self-Assessment
  • Everything DiSC®

Information gathered during these assessments provides baseline data that directs the opportunity pathway for skills-building and allows you to benchmark your increased emotional competency, self-management and stress resiliency throughout the course of our work together.

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