Behavioral Financial Advice Program

Behavioral Financial Advice Program

By earning the BFA designation, you'll deepen your relationship with clients, improve their decision-making and help them reach their financial goals.

What We've Updated in the
Behavioral Financial Advice Program


  • Self-study coursework
  • Access for six months
  • Supplemental material


  • Foundational package
  • Structured class
  • 2024 Evolve Ticket

BFA Program Overview


As a financial professional, you can elevate your role with clients beyond pitching products to influence their spending and saving behavior — the most important factor in portfolio growth. This is more important than ever, as clients increasingly look for advisers who will be real with them, not just try to sell them the latest products.

One of the most powerful ways to be real with your clients is through behavioral financial advice — the practice of integrating traditional finance practices with psychology and neuroscience to improve the emotional competence and decision-making behavior of your clients, resulting in effective usage of the financial plan for you and your clients. 

Think2perform’s Behavioral Finance Advice program has helped countless financial professionals deepen their relationships with clients. 97% of financial professionals report Behavioral Financial Advice has increased their production with increases up to 30%. We’ve recently revamped our original program to not only focus on self-management but also to share more practical applications of the behavioral advice concepts. 

This self-directed course, which takes 20 to 30 hours to complete, includes a mix of interactive exercises, videos and case studies. By completing the BFA program, CFPs are awarded 20.5 CFP CE credits. To keep your skillset evergreen, the BFA designation requires 20 BFA CE credits every two years and a $99 renewal fee. These BFA CE credits can be accrued by participating in other designation CE, as well as think2perform-sponsored content.


Continuing Education for Your BFA Certification

Already enrolled in the BFA program or carrying the BFA designation? Check on your CE credits to make sure you’re on track!

Praise From Financial Professionals

I found the Behavioral Financial Advice program to be extremely beneficial. The concepts and tools presented throughout the course are vital to helping clients navigate the difficult process of achieving their financial goals. The skills that are developed in this program are the types of skills that separate great advisers from simply adequate ones.

The course is well worthwhile in helping advisors understand how to connect with clients beyond investment acumen by focusing on client behaviors and their alignment to their goals and values.

After going through the BFA Course, I can now speak to clients with a clarity that I had struggled with for years.

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