BFA- Foundational Package


This is the package for those that want to jumpstart their BFA designation adoption with tools and resources to implement quickly. Our return and learn, which allows for you to come back into the coursework and rewatch key modules, positions the coursework as a support feature for your BFA journey.

You will also receive our activation package with tools and support materials to assist in your structuring of your advice.

Program Attributes:

  • Interactive exercise, videos and case studies
  • CFP CE: 20.5
  • Leveraging Your Financial Intelligence: At the Intersection of Money, Health, and Happiness
  • Deck of Values Cards
  • Asynchronous course
  • Access is unlimited

You also get access to activation resources:

  • BFA Exam Prep
  • BFA Values Scripting
  • BFA 1x Month Coaching
  • Alignment Model Script
  • 4 R’s Script
  • Values Card Guide