Making the Ideal Real Podcast

Ever wonder why does he do that or why does she do that? We will provide you insight and practical tools to address the gap between who we ideally would like to be and who we are every day. By applying these tools you will begin to make your ideal real.

Forming Your Professional Identity With Dr. Dan Mickool

How do we help people become their best selves? This question goes beyond technical aptitude and subject-matter...
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Aligning Your Leadership Style and Team Readiness With Alan Lennick

Anyone can feel challenged by having to try something new and unfamiliar. Maybe...
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The Power of Rituals With Dr. Michael Norton

Being happy all the time is unrealistic — and it might not even...
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How Leaders Use Vision, Mission and Values With Ray Kelly

Two of the most important workplace topics are learning how to lead and...
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Finding Your Purpose and Passion With Derrick Kinney 

Everybody has an origin story. Derrick Kinney’s starts with the Judy Zerafa book...
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Why Sales Leadership Helps You Scale With Elena Beckius

Every founder hits a point where they can’t do it alone. For financial...
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How Leaders Learn Faster With Ray Kelly, SVP at think2perform

Everyone agrees on the importance of learning, but we might not understand the...
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Managing Your Self Talk

What is self talk and why does it matter? What are the roles of our thoughts and...
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What is your ideal self?

Who are you when you're feeling your best self? From mindset to physical being, what does your...
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