Strategic Planning

Client: Walker West Music Academy

With a move to a new facility on the horizon, Walker West Music Academy enlisted think2perform to develop a strategic plan that would energize its board and provide the vision required for a new level of success.

Through planning sessions with the executive director, think2perform’s Judy Skoglund and Steve Beseke (also a Walker West board member) customized two all-day Saturday retreats based on the technology of participation methodology. During these two off-sites, think2perform provided strategic planning facilitation, leading the board members through a process that incorporated a broader framework and outlined a roadmap for the future.

The result was a new two-year strategic plan that has revitalized board member involvement. Meetings are now focused on core elements of the plan and attendance has increased. Board members are generating more ideas and committees are developing work plans that deliver on metrics connected to the long-range plan.

Working with Judy was an excellent experience. Her approach is modern and contemporary, actively engaging people in the process with activities that are energizing and focused. I highly recommend think2perform.

— Peter Leggett, Executive Director

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