Behavioral Financial Advice

Client: Wealth Enhancement Group

Wealth Enhancement Group’s desire to help clients make the best decisions in accordance with their financial plan and learn to construct plans that align with each client’s personal values, led them to engage think2perform.

We developed a custom training solution for 40 advisors that included a total of 40 hours of weekly face-to-face training on our Values Driven Planning methodology, think2perform’s unique perspective on behavioral financial advice. We also created licensed marketing materials for advisors to effectively communicate this information to clients.

As a result, the firm has successfully marketed think2perform’s Values Driven Planning as a key part of their client promise. Many advisors and their clients continue to benefit from the techniques provided in the 2011 trainings.

Values Driven Planning, and specifically the use of the Alignment Model, has fundamentally changed how we communicate to our clients. The importance of truly discovering and capturing values continues to have momentum for our firm.

— John Wernz, EVP, CMO

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