Professional Coaching & Team Effectiveness

Client: Nationally Recognized Art Non-profit

For her new role, the Executive Director was in search of coaching. She also wanted support to help her build a more cohesive, effective team, and engaged think2perform to assist with both.

Working one-on-one with her, think2perform’s Judy Skoglund provided techniques and tools to boost her emotional competency and get her unstuck. Judy coached her on performance management and situational leadership, and helped her strengthen her decision-making capabilities using the TACQI methodology. Judy also provided team effectiveness training that incorporated the Values Card exercise and rules of engagement to foster better communication, increased buy-in and improved goal setting across the organization.

The culture of the organization is positively shifting: people are aligned and engaged at every level. The organization’s financial situation and earned income has improved with reserves that allow her to bring staff salaries up and embark on building renovations.

I came into a difficult situation, and was concerned it was never going to get better. Working with think2perform allowed us to bring the organization back to life and plant seeds for the future.

— Executive Director

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