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What Are Team Values, and How Do You Develop Them?

What do we mean when we talk about values in the workplace? Sometimes we mean personal values — what’s most important to you and...
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Understanding Emotional Intelligence and Investor Behavior

Most financial advice is about numbers and logic — “Do you have enough saved for retirement?” “Are you on track to achieve your financial...
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Becoming CEO With a Financial Advisor Development Program

Becoming a successful financial advisor is a significant achievement‌. But at some point, many advisors want to take the next step and lead their...
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Welcome Neil Taylor

Think2Perfrom is pleased to announce that Neil Taylor, Senior Vice President, as a new member of our...
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Welcome Dave Meldahl

We are very pleased to announce that Dave Meldahl, M.Ed. has joined the think2perform team as Sr....
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Welcome Jon Randall

We are very pleased to announce that Jon Randall, CMC® as a new Senior Vice President with...
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The Secret to Goal Achievement

We hear from successful people often about the importance of setting goals. How having goals is motivating,...
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Decision Making Matters

Been to that high school reunion and run into the "most likely to succeed" from your class or...
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Best Possible Outcomes

Most of us set or are given goals at work each year and it’s a good idea...
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How Millennials Use Values to Make Better Decisions with Their Money and Their Life

Much has been written about how the millennial generation behaves, but there has been little written about...
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Utilizing Resiliency Sets You Apart When Adapting to Any Life Changes

Changes, great and small, happen in our lives nearly every day. Thankfully, we have a choice in...
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How to plan a successful change initiative

Have you ever worked on an initiative only to find out that you don’t have support from...
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