How To Get What You Want and Remain True to Yourself


Written by Doug Lennick and Roy Geer

As Christopher Morely pointed out…
“The real purpose of books is to trap the mind into doing its own thinking.”

This book will examine two issues:
– How do I get what I want for myself?
– How do I get to be Number One?

Further, the purpose of “How to Get What You Want & Remain True to Yourself” is:
1. To show you what being Number One required of one man.
2. To show how that man is getting what he wants for himself by combining his beliefs with the concepts and tools taught him by another man.
3. To show how that man used his beliefs and the concepts and tools he learned to help other people get what they want for themselves.
4. To give you an opportunity to identify your beliefs and to teach you how to use these concepts and tools.

This is a “DO IT” book. Throughout the book we will invite you to use the concepts and tools described, and will do that by “cuing you” like this: Do it.

About the Authors
Doug Lennick was the top District Manger out of approximately 500 districts nationwide at IDS Financial Services, an American Express company for seven of the eight years he held that position. In September 1983, he was promoted to Divisional Manager in charge of the St Paul, Minnesota, Division. At that time the division ranked 37th in the company. By the end of 1987, the St. Paul Division was number one in the company. In January 1988, Doug was named Vice President, Field Management Development, and in May 1988, he was given the added responsibility of Vice President, Midwest Region. In October 1988, Doug was named Senior Vice President and General Sales manager, responsible for the entire 6,500-person field organization.

Roy Geer spent 25 years as a technician and a manager in a large public utility. He left at age 45 to start his own consulting practice. In 1974 Roy and his partner formed ReSource Systems, a California-based management consulting firm. Today they and their associates work with many large and small organizations. Their consulting practice provides clients with concepts, information and tools that help organizations and the people in them get what they want for themselves.