Financial Intelligence


Written by Doug Lennick with Kathy Jordan Ph.D.

Can you envision a healthy financial life but have old, hard to break habits that prevent it from taking root? You are not alone. It turns out our brains are hard-wired to make poor financial and life decisions. Financial Intelligence helps you break the cycle of habitual and emotional decision-making that hard-wiring automatically sparks when faced with emotionally charged events.

Beginning with your principles, values, and beliefs, Financial Intelligence offers a concrete guide to help you achieve better results. Doug Lennick provides a simple and clear four-step method, known as the 4 R’s, for making wise financial and life decisions based on your core values. When you find yourself in a highly charged event, such as the Dow Jones plummeting, rash decisions often follow like selling out your entire stock portfolio at record lows! Recognizing your automatic mental and physical responses is half the battle toward taking control of the situation.

After reflecting on your values and your circumstances (while accounting for your inherent biases), you can reframe a more realistic interpretation of what is happening and what lies ahead. This allows you to respond to a critical situation with an understanding of it and foresight about which current actions will best serve your future goals.

Accepting the certainty of uncertainty means you must prepare for the ups and downs of life so when you are thrown a curve ball you are confident you have the foundation in place to act wisely.

Financial Intelligence gives you the tools to build this foundation to be able to step back from a tense situation, return to your core values, and transition to an emotional state where decisions are based on thoughtful analysis of what will bring you the greatest long-term success and fulfillment in life… book description by Amazon.

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Testimonial: “The book was a great read and most importantly presented great information and a learning tool. It is worth re-reading and reviewing as one works on personal growth and insight… and of course, great to share with others.” – Dianne Laughton, Financial Advisor

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