Welcome Neil Taylor

by think2perform

Think2Perfrom is pleased to announce that Neil Taylor, Senior Vice President, as a new member of our firm.

Neil will be focusing on Executive Leadership Development, Corporate Strategy, Change Management, Successful Startups and creating a Culture of Teamwork.

Neil has been in the financial services industry for 34 years with a long track record of success.

In the first 10 years he started a successful personal practice and built the 2nd fastest growing branch (out of 135) in Ameriprise.

Neil then went to England to start a new financial planning company for Ameriprise. In 3 years as Head of Sales, he grew the sales group from zero Advisors to 405 advisors in 14 offices across England. Neil then left London for Minneapolis to lead a project to redesign the sales organization.

Following that, as Region Vice President, Neil ran both the franchise side and the employee side of the business in the Northwest for Ameriprise.  For 15 years, Neil’s Region was always a top performer in sales, financial planning and advisor retention.

Neil has been married to Mary Jean for 34 years. For the last 15 years they have lived in Seattle Washington where they both grew up. Neil graduated from Central Washington University with a degree in Business Administration.

Neil loves to golf, go wine tasting and spend time at his cabin with family and friends.

You can reach Neil at (425) 260-0655 or ntaylor@think2perform.com

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