Welcome Janet Vandenbark

by think2perform

Think2Perform is pleased to announce that Janet Vandenbark has joined our firm as Senior Vice President effective immediately.

Janet’s background includes over two and half decades of very successful leadership experience with a fortune 250 company in financial services. She brings practical, real world experience to businesses and individuals who want to break through to the next level and maximize their potential. Her business acumen and leadership skills have helped teams, individuals and businesses achieve award winning levels of personal and business success.

Her areas of expertise include business growth, team and individual alignment, change management, start ups and turn arounds, executive coaching, process improvement and creating achievement cultures.

During her spare time Janet enjoys golf, travel and the out of doors. She is the chair of the Leadership Committee for the Atlanta Chapter of the Executive Women’s Golf Association and Chair of the Camping and Education Foundation located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Janet and her husband reside in the Atlanta, Georgia area and you can reach her directly at 404-291-5289.

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