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Change Needs to Change: Why Human-Centered Change Management Matters

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When you hear the term “change management,” what comes to mind? Maybe it’s memories of previous transformations that were difficult and only mildly successful. Maybe it’s a sense of fear about how the change will affect you. Or maybe your first instinct is resistance — “Why do I have to change? What’s wrong with how things are?”

Change can be difficult, scary and stressful — especially when it’s imposed on people and organizations. That’s why we prefer a different approach: human-centered change management. This approach starts with a simple question: “How do you lead someone to inspire change that will ultimately align to change management?”

In this guide, we explore how to rethink change management as something that starts with you, the leader. 

Download this guide to learn how to:

  • Harness the power of human-centered, values-aligned change management.
  • Address resistance and improve traditional change communication.
  • Understand exactly how much behavioral change your organization needs.

Human-Centered Change Management

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