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State of the Values, First Edition

by Doug Lennick

Over the last year, think2perform has gathered data from 85,000 values card sessions revealing what people value most. This data set was measured over a 12-month period, with representation from 146 countries, representing 75% of the countries on the globe. The exercise that was done allowed individuals to narrow down what they care about most to their top five values – who they want to be on their best day.  It turns out people all over the world essentially value a handful of the same things. What we have observed in the data is that the top ten values globally can be categorized into three different categories.  

  1. People value people. 
  1. People value making a difference. 
  1. People value doing things the right way…  
  1. …and being rewarded for it.  

People value people. On the heels of a global pandemic where human connection had been limited, people valued their interpersonal relationships. This is evident by the data that shares the values of family (#1), relationships (#4), and friendships (#5).  

People value making a difference. This is evident by the data that shares the values of meaningful work (#6), helping others (#9) and creativity (#10).  

People value doing things the right way…What’s the reward when we do it the right way? What’s the right way? The right way is with honesty and integrity. This is evident by the data which share the values of integrity (#7), honesty (#8) 

…and being rewarded for it. What’s the reward? The reward is good health (#2) and happiness (#3). We actually know for sure that when people are helping others through their personal and professional lives they are happier and they become healthier in virtually every way.   

You may be thinking about where money ranks in our data. It’s in the second 10 and it’s in the bottom quartile of the top 20. Wealth and money do make the top 20, but it’s not about the money. It’s about what money can do. Your money is a tool that allows you to live more in alignment with your values.  

Go out and visit the values exercise to discover yours at  

The top 20 values of 2022-23 were:  

 Family 39813 
 Health 30783 
 Happiness 29782 
 Relationships 21115 
 Friendship 18502 
 Meaningful Work 17615 
 Integrity 16899 
 Honesty 14542 
 Helping Others 13622 
 10 Loyalty 12938 
 11 Creativity 12837 
 12 Faith 12107 
 13 Education 10870 
 14 Independence 9075 
 15 Freedom 8544 
 16 Wealth 8222 
 17 Stability  8160 
 18 Adventure 8037 
 19 Money 7924 
 20 Spirituality7185 

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