How Can Emotional Intelligence Benefit You?

Jun 29th, 2016 12:00PM (CT)
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Emotional Intelligence, sometimes called 'EQ' or 'EI' is receiving a lot of attention lately. Data shows it emerging as a key skill set in enhancing and advancing your personal and professional life. Join Heather Faulkner and Kris Petersen for this interesting, interactive webinar for an overview of what EQ is and how it can positively impact your life!

In this session, you will learn:

  • What is “Emotional Intelligence”?
  • Is emotional intelligence a skill you can learn and strengthen?
  • Why emotional intelligence matters and how it can affect your personal relationships, as well as your professional success. 

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About Heather Faulkner


Heather has a deep passion for helping leaders and aspiring leaders develop their full potential and bring their best to every aspect of their lives. She helps her clients maximize their success by developing a deeply grounded sense of self-awareness and a true understanding of their top strengths and opportunities. With that knowledge, Heather guides her clients to use their skills to become more influential, authentically engage employees and build high-performance teams.

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About Kris Petersen


Kris has a track record and a passion for developing the leadership potential in others, and brings this to her consulting work with clients of think2perform. She works with business and non-profit leaders who want to increase their leadership effectiveness and productivity and she has a great deal of experience and success working with financial advisors who want deeper and more productive relationships with their clients.



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