Driven by the desire to grow his financial planning practice, Paul Kropatsch engaged think2perform's Chuck Wachendorfer for guidance on how to lead a larger organization.

Through one-on-one coaching with Chuck, Paul obtained the self-awareness, values-based decision-making and leadership skills required for optimal performance. Chuck coached Paul on how to develop people and how to grow and lead a larger organization. Chuck also helped Paul integrate behavioral advice into the practice, giving Paul and his advisors the framework to initiate values conversations with all clients and newly acquired clients.

Paul's practice grew 400% in revenue, net income and profit over the four years since he began working with Chuck. In addition, Paul's more than tripled the size of his practice, expanding from 12 to 40 people.

"My advisors have discovered that having the values conversation right away is extremely valuable. The amount of information you learn about a client when discussing values would have taken two to three years of meetings to acquire. It also helps to garner trust much quicker."

    Paul Kropatsch
    Ethos Financial Partners