Brad Koehn

Senior Vice President

“Helping individuals and organizations achieve breakthrough performance by seeing challenges in a new way.”

Brad’s passion is working with executives and leaders to help them improve their organizations’ performance as well as their own. With a pragmatic approach, he helps teams identify and break down barriers to success, resulting in higher morale, greater empowerment, and retention of top talent.

The focus of Brad’s work is creating leaders with the skills and strategies to build customer-centric services and to perform at peak potential.  His proven consultative approach to partnering with clients to deeply understand their needs, wants and goals, results in shared ownership of the customized strategies that efficiently and effectively meet these needs.

Brad has over 25 years expertise working in high risk, high value IT and software engineering initiatives for Fortune 500 companies in retail, finance, manufacturing, medical devices, insurance, as well as for startups. His breadth of experience cross-industry, company size and market position has demonstrated there is no one-size-fits-all answer to team structure, process or strategy. The most successful companies did all align actions to clear values that empowered and enable individuals and teams to do their best work.

Brad studied computer science at the University of Wisconsin. Later, he was awarded two software patents for his work in diagnostic radiology software, and more recently he completed the Stanford University online course on Machine Learning. In addition, Brad is a certified facilitator of Love and Logic, a system for helping parents raise happy, healthy kids.  

Brad’s calling is advancing ideas; he is driven by his core values of integrity, relationships, education, health, and happiness.

Brad grew up in a small town near Milwaukee Wisconsin, and now lives in the Twin Cities with his family. When he’s not coaching, he enjoys flying airplanes around the country and teaching aerospace education to cadets in the US Civil Air Patrol.